I love people and I am curious by nature. When I meet someone I always want to hear their story and learn what makes them tick. We all have a story that we believe to be true about who we are and how we got here. What if you could rewrite that story when it’s not working for you? I can work with you to rewire your mind and body experience so that you can be free to write a future unencumbered by self-limiting beliefs. Just imagine…

My Professional Story

I have worked therapeutically for 20 years in many different roles in community mental health. I am a trained psychotherapist who employs relational and evidence based therapies including Gestalt, Psychodynamic Counselling, DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy), CCT (Cultivating Compassion Training), TRTP (The Richards Trauma Process) and SCT (Specialist Couples Therapy).

Using these and other approaches I can help you to achieve your therapeutic goals. Whether it is to free yourself from anxiety, fear, a sense of worthlessness (“I’m not good-enough!”), addictions, stress or anger issues.

In my work at Kundalini House I help couples to accept each others differences and recognise how to respect and celebrate those differences; the particularly modern challenge of how our identity has been shaped as a child and how this impacts our own parenting, relationships and careers in a 24/7 global culture; personal anxiety and depression; issues with anger management; the integral role of play in our lives; and the healing aspects and personal cultivation of mindfulness and compassion.

As well as working with you to help develop self-care and coping strategies I can also help you to tap into your personal potential and take your power into your own hands. It’s my belief that you are always one decision away from cultivating a new life.

My Own Story

I have had many different careers (including hairdressing, State Sales Manger at Joico, Social Worker) and also walked many paths (in Australia and overseas) in the search for my tribe and an abiding belief in myself. It was only when I discovered and started practising therapy that I felt that I had discovered my true calling.

Like everyone I have experienced my own fair share of suffering and healing. Whether it was my life long struggle with insomnia living as a carer for my disabled mother for 25 years, the recent death of my parents, searching for my identity and place in the world, or starting a family late in life, I have always found the value in self examination, compassion, mindfulness and a love of life long learning.

Let me help you to connect fully to your inner world, your authenticity and change your core belief that you’re not good enough.