It’s the month of LOVE and, therefore a good time to reflect on your relationships and think about what’s working and what isn’t. As such I’d like to offers a little food for thought, on LOVE, to help nourish you and nurture your relationships.

Listen with an
Open heart and mind
Validate and acknowledge each other
Express your thoughts, softly, simply, slowly, carefully.

Remember LOVE goes both ways and requires both partners to know and share their inner worlds. A relationship is also a dance where sometimes we lead and sometimes our partner spins us off our feet and picks us up again. You can maintain the DANCE by noticing the quality of connection between you and your partner and ask yourself:

  • How do I listen and respond when communicating with my partner?
  • Do I make time and effort for this relationship or do I just take it for granted?
  • How do I see or feel the good in my relationships?
  • How do I help my partner and how do they help me to live life meaningfully?

Also remember that we all have a relationship with our self. Take some time to pause and reflect on your own needs. Are you looking after yourself or spending all your time looking after others. Self love and not the same as being selfish, after all your cup needs to be full before you can share it safely and effectively with anyone else.
Can you nominate 3 things you can do for yourself today? Now go out and do them!

As a special gift in this month of love I would like to invite you to come and receive a relationship tune up! Come with your partner or by yourself. The first session is half price if you book in February.