If you are feeling stuck and lack confidence to move forward then transformational hypnotherapy can help you to unlock the self belief to change.

What we get from life is tied inextricably to the way we relate to ourselves and the world. If we think that we are bound to fail, every obstacle we encounter will reinforce that belief. However if we see life as benevelent and on our side, every obstacle will not seem so difficult, but rather become a joyous challenge that helps us to grow and become fuller and richer. This difference in outlook is refered to as having a fixed or growth mindset.

Ways to change

How do we change the way we relate to the world if we have a fixed mindset? How do we develop a state of mind that wants to embrace opportunity not shy away from it?

I use a newly developed therapy called The Richards Trauma Process. In a safe and caring way, we will identify the key events that are troubling you and keeping you stuck. These can range from major life events to big T trauma. We then use hypnotherapy, a safe and effective treatment, to reset your central nervous system, shifting you out of fright/flight/freeze, your body’s instinctive response to trauma, and move your thinking and feeling to a state of calm. Think of it as a kind of “psychic microsurgery” that helps to pinpoint the block that is keeping you stuck, and then moves you, from a fixed perspective, to a more open, growth perspective.

Depending upon the complexity of the issue, this work can usually be accomplished over three or four sessions. That’s a pretty quick treatment, especially to change something that effects your life so profoundly.

Not just for Trauma

You may feel that you have lost your dream in life, or lost hope of ever living up to what life has to offer. Don’t despair. There is always hope.

This approach is not just for those who are frozen by a traumatic life event, but also for those who are feeling lost. Many people find it is hard to imagine what they want to do with their lives, or who it is they want to be. The power of this treatment is that it transforms the recipient – opens them up to their own potential – and brings them to a place where they have the confidence to start writing their own story.

This is what one of my clients, Kellie, had to say after her 3 session treatment:

“As a result of this treatment, I feel more connected with myself and able to be truly present for others. I didn’t realise until undertaking this treatment how set I was on the idea of achieving an ideal future self and how much that idea took me away from the beautiful present that is life. I now feel empowered to speak, be and embrace who I am and what I have to give in this life.”

A 21st Century Approach to an ancient idea

Since it’s beginnings in the work of Freud and Jung, psychotherapy has helped us to overcome things that we have found debilitating and difficult. TRTP and Transformational Hypnotherapy are part of a new breed of therapy, that seeks to help you not only to overcome but to become something or someone that you may have been too afraid to embrace.

This is not a purely modern dilemma. Since the time of the ancient greeks, Socrate’s call to “Know Yourself” has been the underlying foundation of western thought, a legacy and challenge that is ours to accept and to realise in our own lives. An injunction that is even more pressingly today – so long as we have the courage to do so. Transformational Hypnotherapy can help you find that courage.

Feeling stuck? Embrace change and discover deeper meaning in your life.