My therapeutic approach is non-judgemental. I believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with us, but rather that whatever we had to do to adapt to the stress of our primary environment – when we were a child or throughout our development – was the wisest and best solution for us at the time. The process of therapy enables us to recognise that while our survival strategies worked in the past, today they may be causing friction in our lives – they may be counterproductive and creating distress – and so have become limiting to the way we are living today.

Connect to Your Inner Healer

When you connect with the source of your body-mind you actively engage the healing space within. You are able to connect with your innate wisdom by finding what most energises or depletes you, thus enabling your vital life force to flow freely. I provides a therapeutic environment of deep listening and understanding, safety, curiosity and compassion that will support you to reach your desired therapeutic goal. Using skilful intervention I will enable you to face and embrace different choices in your life.

I believe the best results are achieved by you consciously participating in the therapeutic journey, not only during but also between sessions. I most enjoy working with people who are ready to become co-creators of their own life.

As a specialist in Relationships Counselling, I believe that we are all born wired for connection and belonging. During your session with me, I will support you to develop a deep inner connection that will impact and enrich all your relationships. I am trained to work with individuals, couples, parents, and adolescents.

I am trained and most passionate to work with a wide range of issues, including but not limited to: depression, anxiety, grief, addictive behaviours, performance anxiety, pain rehabilitation, insomnia, trauma recovery and post-traumatic growth, imposter syndrome, self development, stress management, recovery from self-sabotage, women’s and men’s issues, recovery from infidelity and divorce, life transitions and spirituality/religion.

I understand the importance of leaving theories about healing at the door and instead want to meet with you person to person. My approach to therapy is about discovering the complexity of your own unique experience and working together relationally.

I have been trained and am qualified to use a variety of therapeutic modalities. My approach has been heavily influenced by Gestalt and Buddhist Psychotherapy which is the restoration of choice through awareness. I will integrate a number of somatic therapies (body based) and mind shifting techniques in my work with you, including empty chair, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) and guided imagery.

I am an accredited Gestalt Psychotherapist; an accredited Awakening Joy Facilitator; a qualified practitioner in the evidence-based EFT with couples, and in The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP). My approach is based on the latest advances in working with trauma, therapeutic change and neuroplasticity, and in particular how compassion and gratitude can be used to rewire the body and the brain.

I have a profound interest in the benefits of becoming more in tune with our embodied experience. For me, dance and meditation have been powerful tools to heal and deal with the daily stresses of life. These regular practices nourish my body-soul and I advocate daily movement, be it yoga, walking, exercise, as an essential element to maintain your well-being.

After leaving school at a young age, I returned to study in my 30s. This has led me to see the value in life-long learning and discovering who we are by cultivating curiosity and awareness in our life. This belief has inspired me to help others to find ways for them to also befriend themselves, which I see as, the greatest gift anyone can give to the world.

I welcome individuals of all cultures, sexualities, genders and ages.

I am a clinical member of the Australian Association of Buddhist Councillors and Psychotherapists.

Let me help you to connect fully to your inner world, your authenticity and change your core belief that you’re not good enough.