“This intensive couples’ program was a game-changer to my wife and my relationship. We were able to finally figure out what negative patterns we were stuck in and how to fix them. We got rid of all the emotional and physical barriers that were holding us back from having the kind of marriage we wanted. The best part was that Lee was super understanding and never judged us. We felt so safe and supported by her, which made it easier for us to be vulnerable and honest with each other. It was tough work, but we left feeling so much lighter and happier. Plus, we now have the tools to keep improving our relationship and are more hopeful than ever about our future together.”

Here are some scenarios where couples therapy intensives can be beneficial:

  • Couples experiencing a crisis, but both partners are willing to work on the relationship;
  • Couples caught in a negative interactive pattern and can’t seem to stop fighting;
  • Couples feeling like roommates and struggling to reconnect;
  • Couples with demanding schedules that make weekly counseling sessions impractical;
  • Current clients who realize weekly sessions are not enough to make progress;
  • Therapists seeking anonymity and coming from out of town;
  • Couples wanting to take a break and restore their relationship.

Intensive EFT sessions for relationships offer an excellent jump start to addressing the challenges your relationship is facing. While one-hour weekly sessions can lead to notable improvements, intensives provide an opportunity to dig deeper and understand the patterns that interfere with relationship harmony.

One-day intensives are 5 hours – 3 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon – devoted to identifying what each person is experiencing in the relationship, patterns that hijack your efforts to understand your partner (as well as for you to feel understood) and blocks that keep you from connecting with your partner in ways that feel meaningful.

Once you’ve jumpstarted your relationship, ongoing sessions are likely to be recommended in order to truly consolidate the initial shifts made in the intensive sessions, and to continue working toward the goals you want to achieve.

What couples are best suited for intensives?

  • Couples willing to jumpstart the process of addressing relationship challenges;
  • Couples committed to improving their relationship and willing to put in the work;
  • Couples dealing with relationship ruptures and in need of a deeper dive to address attachment injuries and repair;
  • Premarital couples looking to start their future together on the right foot.

Consider signing up for an intensive by contacting me via my contact page, or by calling me on +61 491 638 124 to discuss the intensive process and whether it is right for you (see the disclaimer below).

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From an Intensive participant:

“The way things were set up gave us the chance to make actual progress without getting sidetracked by the usual day-to-day stuff. During that time, we managed to accomplish something that months of couples therapy couldn’t pull off because of how the sessions were set up. I got to stick with my feelings, practice my communication skills, and left feeling so much better than I have in a long time – more upbeat, content, and optimistic.”

Intensive Disclaimer:

Intensives are not recommended for every couple. As you consider an intensive, keep these considerations in mind:

  • Couples in which one or both partners have an active addiction or ongoing affair should not participate in intensives;
  • Couples that engage in physical violence or coercive control should begin with individual therapy services rather than couples therapy;
  • If one partner is not committed to working on the relationship, an intensive may not be the best approach;
  • If being in the same room for over an hour is too distressing or triggers trauma, or if couples have difficulty being civil an intensive may not be suitable;
  • All members of the relationship must be invested in improving the relationship for an intensive to be a successful and rewarding experience.

I welcome individuals of all cultures, sexualities, genders and ages.

Find joy in your relationship and discover deeper meaning in your life.