Here is what some of my clients have had to say about the work we have done together and the way they responded to the treatment that they have received from me.


I realised I had been parentified (great word) and bullied. But it was great to get the realisation. I have also started focusing on the future more rather than continually thinking about the past. The main thing was to realise that every traumatic event in your life leaves a mark on you and that you need to work through each one to resolve them. I feel much better about myself now and have more understanding about my behaviours.

Although the process was emotionally wrenching, it was also cathartic, so I thank Lee for taking me through it – it’s been such a great help.


I was profoundly moved to discover how to authentically become positive and uplifting in my life and to change negative thought processes and patterns into a journey that begins to discover life experience in its truest essence.


After my sessions I felt armed with more tools to bring more calm into my life and days. I somehow felt lighter and taller and often replay my first session when I need a “top up.” I find it so grounding and that it reconnects me to my wholeness. Lee is fantastic and I just adore her energy and vibe.


Something inside me healed and I feel less angry, agitated in tense situations where I would normally go on overdrive and feel very overwhelmed. I do recommend TRTP to other people as it does heal from the inside.


The sessions helped me to clarify and imagine the life that I want to live, and gave me some powerfully transformative techniques for safely processing anger at past events. I learnt more about my history of trauma, and gained an awareness of what was holding me back.


I was very happy with Lee’s approach. The work I did with her was amazing.

Lee has a very relaxing voice which made it easier to go deeper in the treatments. I like that she encouraged me to say whatever I needed to say, to not hold back. I love that this treatment is targeting the subconscious mind, which is the most powerful level to look to change beliefs and patterns. I very much enjoyed the different places Lee took me to and the activities. TRTP is a unique treatment process. I have had many different types of healing treatments, psychological treatments, but nothing quite like this. I do feel this is a powerful tool for changing your life and bringing in the highest version of yourself and your life.
If I had to think of something it would be perhaps more reassurance to take your own time, that there is no need to rush. Sometimes it takes my mind some time to imagine or think of the right words and I found there was quite a bit to get through in the session.
Overall I am very happy. Wonderful and interesting treatments.
πŸ™‚ Thank you so much Lee!! Xoxo


In my sessions with Lee I gained insight into seeing myself as inspirational and drawing strength from my own life. In particular I was able to look into my teenage years and see how it affected parts of my adult life. Making the time to do the meditations showed me how I don’t give myself time day to day to just be and sit with myself, that is something I have taken with me from the TRTP treatment. I felt safe in the space and was able to discuss anything that came up for me. The space was filled with kindness and compassion and I felt comfortable to be there.


Lee has a very friendly and loving approach. She is very open and made me feel comfortable to share my thoughts.


In my session with Lee I felt she approached my problems in a non-judgemental way. I felt very comfortable in the space Lee created and found her manner and delivery calm and soothing. I was very satisfied with the treatment and would recommend Lee highly as a therapist.


After the treatment with Lee I realised that I am whole and worthy, just as I am. There is no future moment when everything will align to make me worthy of self-love; I am loveable in the here and the now, no matter what is going on. I also learned what it means to have compassion for myself and for others. As a result of this treatment, I feel more connected with myself and able to be truly present for others. I didn’t realise until undertaking this treatment how set I was on the idea of achieving an ideal future self and how much that idea took me away from the beautiful present that is life. I now feel empowered to speak, be and embrace who I am and what I have to give in this life.

I loved the guided meditation recording that Lee provided; I still listen to it now when I’m in need of a reconnect! πŸ˜‰ Lee is genuine and I felt she didn’t put herself ‘above’ me as a client – her manner made it easy to share without dwelling, yet I always felt heard and not rushed. Her flexibility with locations for after work sessions was also helpful πŸ™‚

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