Asking for help can be difficult. It’s important that you feel safe and connected to a therapist for any help they give you to be effective. By contacting me you will take the all important first steps to confronting and eventually overcoming what’s keeping you stuck. I promise to help you through this process safely, respectfully and promptly.

As soon as you contact me I will be sure to respond as quickly as possible. Together we will discuss your needs and I will give you an idea of what to expect from me as a counsellor and therapist.

It’s my job to be unshockable. All that you share with me is in strictest confidence and I provide a sympathetic ear so that you feel able to reveal what lies beneath those fears and behaviours that are holding you back. 

Through therapy I will help you to grow at ease with your underlying uniqueness and the wonderous oddities which we all share. Once we have come to terms with this you will find that your emotional well being will be raised to new heights so that you have more fulfilling relationships, a happier family life and reveal a clearer path in your professional endevours.

If this sounds like a journey you’d like to take contact me today:  0491 638 124

I use a number of different modalities in a non-judgemental approach to help you to gain meaning from your life’s struggle. I work with both individuals and couples and I am particularly passionate about helping people to raise their awareness, self-understanding and inner-kindness. I will help you to build hope and optimism in your relationship with yourself and others.

My particular interest lies in helping others face:

I welcome individuals of all cultures, sexualities, genders and ages.

Feeling stuck? Embrace change and discover deeper meaning in your life.