Do you make a commitment to change every New Year only to find yourself back on the same old track a month or so later? Are there dreams you vow to make real in the coming year, but then find yourself putting a pin in them as the old routines of work and life take over? Don’t live another year stuck in a rut like it’s groundhog day. As we emerge from the constraints and fears of the Covid pandemic, you may recognise more than ever that 2021 is the right time to embrace change, and choose LOVE and well being instead of FEAR!

So you are anxious about making that change? We’ve all been there. But there is a way to help you to make your commitments stick. Together we can work through the blocks that keep you stuck and help you find the courage and the strength to overcome whatever it is that is hiding a future where you feel worthy, safe, seen and courageous. Whatever is stopping you from embracing the life you want to live will seem small once we have worked through it.

The main tool we can use in this journey is The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP). TRTP is a safe, gentle and effective treatment, that in most cases can be accomplished over 3 or 4 sessions, that will put you in a place where you are open and accepting, empowered to make the choices that you need to make in order to live the life you want to have – embrace the odd, perfect, quirky self you truly are!

I welcome individuals of all cultures, sexualities, genders and ages.

Are you ready to take back your life? Contact me now on +61 419 638 124 or in the form below.

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