A relationship that thrives and gives you fulfilment will bring the kind of lasting happiness that enables you and your partner to grow and create deeper bonds. When an important relationship becomes strained or distressed, the pain you feel can challenge you to the core. My goal is to help couples in distress to rebuild and strengthen their connection with each other and help them to creating a more secure and loving relationship.

Emotional Focused Therapy or EFT is a reliable and time proven way to help couples have the conversations they need to, in a safe and non-judgmental environment. It helps couples to find their way back to each other, in order to form a more loving and connected relationship.

In my work with couples I use Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT was developed by Dr Sue Johnson and her colleagues in an effort to find a way for couples to develop and nurture emotional bonds that are safe and secure. EFT is not another fly-by-night modality. It has been extensively researched to validate its findings, and its grounding in attachment theory means that it can be universally applied to people of all cultures and backgrounds.

An EFT approach explores the dynamic between a couple, how they relate and interact with each other and the impact these patterns have on the relationship.

couple photo by Anna Shvets

EFT allows us to look at what’s behind the disconnect in the relationship; you and your partner’s fears and longings, and emotional needs. EFT helps couples to transform the negative cycles that impede their relationship into positive ones. It helps couples to move into a space where it becomes easier for them to safely express their feelings so that they feel heard, loved and understood.

I am aware how difficult and uncomfortable these conversations can be. Examining difficult feelings is something we are seldom taught in our upbringing. Because we are exploring such unfamiliar territory, I work in a way that facilitates safety and respect. I remain conscious of where you are in the process, so that I won’t push you in the deep end too soon, expecting you to know how to swim in these treacherous waters. With time you will learn to navigate them together to a calmer and more loving space beyond.

EFT opens new pathways that can lead towards a safe and secure loving relationship, so that you can face the challenges that life may bring together, supporting each other. With a deeper emotional connection and more love between you, your bond will feel more secure and your hopes for a happy and meaningful relationship can become real.

After working through the friction in your relationship dynamic using EFT, you and your partner can work together when difficulties arise.  The struggle in the relationship will become a means for you to build stronger foundations to reconnect with each other, providing you with skills to form a happy, loving and long-lasting relationship.

I welcome individuals of all cultures, sexualities, genders and ages.

Find joy in your relationships and deeper meaning in your life