No one can reach their professional or personal goals alone. Mentorship is an age-old relationship where an experienced practitioner can help successfully guide an emerging practitioner on their professional and personal journey. This relationship is not only about imparting technical knowledge, such as advice on building and sustaining your practice, but also a profound journey to discover your therapeutic voice and identity. Becoming a successful therapist is not only about mastering your approach but discovering your passions and cultivating the inner resources that will sustain you through the difficult and demanding days that you will undoubtedly encounter in your working life.

Lee has 10 plus years of working directly with clients and many years of previous experience in community mental health. This experience offers an invaluably rich, contextual understanding of psychotherapy, where each client’s situation is unique and demands a nuanced approach. Lee can offer insights into handling complex cases, ethical dilemmas, and the subtleties of the therapeutic relationships.

The Role of Support

Working as a psychotherapist can be emotionally taxing, often involving work with clients who are dealing with serious, sometimes traumatic issues. Having the support of Lee provides someone to turn to for advice, encouragement, and emotional resilience. Lee’s guidance can help you avoid burnout and help promote your own mental well-being, which in turn will impact the quality of care that you provide to your clients.

Developing Professional Confidence

Lee’s support will help you grow a sense of professional identity and confidence. As you navigate through different stages of your career, the help that Lee can offer will aid you to understand and integrate the various roles and responsibilities that will emerge more easily. This guidance is crucial in a field where therapists must constantly balance empathy with professional boundaries, and theoretical knowledge with intuitive understanding. A mentor like Lee will also play a key role in developing your unique therapeutic style, which is essential for building effective and authentic interactions with clients.

Who’s it for:

  • Graduates and early career therapists
  • Those wanting to pivot from employment to private practice

What’s it for

Guidance with professional development:

  • Exploring the avenues that can build your client base.
  • Understanding who is the right client and who is the wrong client and what to do when they appear (Learning how to say No).
  • Client onboarding and nurturing your client relationships.
  • Building your reputation and brand.
  • Networking and Finding Peers that will help build and support you and your practice.

Uncovering and nurturing the innate skills necessary to build and maintain your practice:

  • cultivating self-care through tools such as a regular meditation practice.
  • How to successfully maintain a work/life balance in a demanding field like psychotherapy.
  • Building an effective marketing mix
  • Playing to your strengths and finding help where you need it.
  • Planning for future growth and diversity by building and effectively using a mailing list.
  • Cultivating and building your therapeutic brand that remains true to you and your passions.


“From Lee I’ve learned the importance of humour when approaching life and how laughter can be so enhancing of wellbeing. Her effect on me was one of ease and deep acceptance of the things however they come. Her endless curiosity and strong determination to self-develop was truly inspiring and she provided a leading example on how to balance a life of many interests and commitments. She was encouraging my desire to explore many things and her presence fully allowed imperfection and mistakes to occur in the process.”
“Lee demonstrated a feeling of honour that her clients invite her to companion them in their suffering. Synthesising the meaning I have made from my life experiences, I have come to value vulnerability as a tremendous virtue. I find beauty in all that is human and have made it my intention to face life with depth. From this, I feel it essential to remind myself that I will always encounter clients from varying walks of life with different struggles, and therefore I must strive to keep an open heart.”
“I loved how authentic and human Lee came across as. I was heartened to hear how quickly she was up and running with her private practice after she finished training. It was also great to hear about possible resources for when starting out, such using an agency for therapists, or aligning yourself with an established business that has a clientbase.”

I welcome individuals of all cultures, sexualities, genders and ages.

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