The difficulty of living at the moment is undeniable. We are almost saturated with stress, constantly living on the verge of panic. In times like these it is even more important for us to not give into fear and remind ourselves that choosing a kind and loving way to view ourselves and interact with the world is always an option.

The key to choosing love over fear is to know that the joy of love is something that comes from inside of us, not from the outside. It arises in us when we open our hearts and minds to the common place ordinary beauties that exist in the world around us, by opening ourselves up to joy.

Photo of smiling baby and father Photo by Mikael Stenberg

As babies, we are born with this natural joy. Well nourished, well rested and well cherished babies often squeal with sheer delight at the joy of being alive. We were all that baby once, and it is that state of being that, with a little help, we can consciously access again. Well-being does not come from outside of ourselves but is right there inside of us waiting to be once again unlocked and awakened.

Based on the internationally acclaimed Awakening Joy course by James Baraz, this therapeutic approach combines psychotherapeutic insight with practical ways to develop a mindset that inspires curiosity to help you to find greater joy in your life. Through both fun and rewarding practices you will develop deep insight into yourself and your place in the world that leads to authentic, not just fleeting, joy.

Harnessing the well documented and scientifically proven benefits of meditation and mindfulness practice, the skills we will work on together will help you to build healthier habits and beliefs about yourself and the world you live in. If you find sitting on a cushion and meditating challenging, don’t despair. There are many other approaches that you can learn to reap the benefits of mindfulness.

This process will help you to untangle the knots of habit that may be holding you back from feeling that you deserve to feel joy and love in your life. It will further help you to develop a solid mindfulness practice and give you access to resources that will provide a strong foundation for you to weather anything that life may choose to throw at you.

This is not a feel-good program, but a “feel-everything program”, a way to orientate to your whole life experience and learn to value not only the highs but also to understand and integrate the lows. Through simple practices that help you navigate the incessant chatter in your mind you will learn to come back into your body and feel the solid joy that comes from living the basic sanity of simply being alive in the present moment.

These skills can be taught to you in individual sessions or in a group, with like minded individuals. Groups are a great way to become part of a community that can support you to understand and explore these practices further.

Breath animation by Milz

When anxiety gets the best of us, simply taking the time to sit and breath deeply for a minute or two is a proven way of bringing the nervous system back to a state of calm. Animation by Milz

Is this process right for you?

You must be interested and available to explore more mindful ways to support your own wellbeing. Together we will examine how your personal patterns support or hinder you from trusting and being your wiser and authentic self. The authentic and joyful self that has been covered up by patterns, thoughts and behaviours that no longer support you.

It is my hope that together we can create, in you, an island of sanity. Through inner change and practices that support your wellbeing you can become a conscious agent of change for your own good and for the common good of our community and the world.

I welcome individuals of all cultures, sexualities, genders and ages.

Embrace change and discover deeper meaning in your life.